How did you celebrate Youth Art Month?

Youth Art Month 2012 Arizona FlagEvery March across the nation, art teachers step up their efforts to celebrate the art that their students create.

The Arizona Art Education Association participates in the National Art Education Association Youth Art Month Program. A flag is designed and created and hung with others at the National Convention. Our 2012 winner (photo on right) is a 7th grade student at Combs Middle School in San Tan Valley. Next year, consider joining in the design of the 2013 flag.

How did you celebrate Youth Art Month?

We collect documentation for all of the Youth Art Month events from across the state and combine it into a YAM Scrapbook. Though Youth Art Month is officially in March, the events can be any time during the year. Did you have a student art exhibit? Was it in your school or out in the community?  Who was invited? Would you take just a minute to email me about it at If you have any pictures please send them as well. 

It just takes a minute to share what you've done, consider it another way you are advocating for the arts! I look forward to hearing from you.

Camille Mardis