AAEA Conference Letter of Encouragement

Dear School Administrator,

The Arizona Art Education Association (AAEA) shares your vision for ensuring that your students receive the best possible education and that your faculty possesses a deep knowledge and understanding of teaching and learning. The professional development experience made available through the AAEA fall conference for professionals in the field of visual arts education, offers a comprehensive opportunity for educators who are engaged with the arts in learning.

We are pleased to announce that the 2016 fall conference will be held November 10-12 in Tucson with the theme of “Media Mosaics.” On behalf of your art education faculty, I encourage you to support their participation in the 2016 professional development conference. A vibrant, innovative community of professionals representing art specialists and teachers of the visual arts, school district administrators, university professors and scholars, researchers, and museum educators will connect with the common goal of advancing art education for the benefit of students in schools throughout Arizona.

Conference opportunities include education sessions that provide interactive learning through hands-on workshops and showcase the latest educational techniques and practices. The content of this experience is 100% education-related and can be applied immediately to teaching and learning in your school. AAEA and the Arizona Department of Education have worked together to bring a strand of workshops focusing educator effectiveness, art assessments and application of the State art standards in the classroom.

As educators, we know that in this climate of high stakes testing, the arts are critically important in developing the habits of mind that nurture human potential and prepare our students for success in today’s world. By providing released time for this professional development opportunity, and supporting travel and lodging, your encouragement of the art educators in your school and district further advances their knowledge and professional skills. Additional conference details will continue to be posted on the AAEA website. Feel free to contact us for further information at aaea.2016conference@gmail.com. I extend my appreciation to you for your leadership as we work together on a common vision of offering quality, comprehensive education to students across the nation.


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Tracy Perry
AAEA President