Our Mission

To provide secondary level students the opportunity to display their artwork in a professional gallery setting to acknowledge their budding contribution to the visual arts and to encourage students to pursue further education in the arts.

The VASA Show is an opportunity provided by AAEA for Arizona's secondary art educators (7th through 12th grade) to showcase their student's art work in a gallery setting.AAEA offers this unique exhibit for all students throughout Arizona.

Many of you have had the chance to display your student’s work in various art shows but the VASA Show is indeed a rare occassion for you to have your students' work on display in a professional gallery setting with a closing ceremony to recognize and award students for their artistic acheivements. In addition to exhibiting the student work in the gallery, we offer your students cash prizes and scholarships. 

VASA 2014

The annual statewide VASA Exhibition, representing the finest examples of secondary student art (grades 7-12) in the state! Presented this year by the Arizona Art Education Association.

VASA 2010 Award Recipients

2010 Visual Arts Student Awards presented by the Arizona Art Education Association.