Youth Art Month

Youth Art Month at Phoenix Art MuseumAAEA needs your participation!

  • Hang a show in your school office, cafeteria, post office or library.
  • Ask your school board to endorse YAM.
  • Have students design a postcard and write to your representatives about the importance of art education.
  • Let your YAM chairperson know what you did!
  • Email us information about your local YAM show or activity, then email us photos.

How did you celebrate Youth Art Month?

Every March across the nation, art teachers step up their efforts to celebrate the art that their students create. The Arizona Art Education Association participates in the National Art Education Association Youth Art Month Program. A flag is designed and created and hung with others at the National Convention.

YAM 2010

This year, we participated in the flag contest with the national theme of "Art Shapes the World". Cynthia Franco, art student at San Miguel High School in Tucson created the winning design.